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  • MOAR COFFEE, Akaneiro makes me want MOAR COFFEE Reply
  • My home is now stocked with food again. Life has returned to normal. Reply
  • I'm out of Cheerios and I'm running out of coffee. Life is not worth living.  Reply
  • Coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee...  Reply
  • There's a coffee shop near my house. The world is perfect now! Reply
  • I love cauliflower. Reply
  • My tootsies is cold. Someone send some slippers, fast! Reply
  • I iz teh sik. Reply
  • Pancakes are the food of the gods. Reply
  • Steak Fries (not thick potato fries) are a strange creature. Reply
  • My bologna has a first name, it's O S C A Rrrrr. Reply
  • What a patch day! My neck is killing me. Reply
  •                Reply
  • I'm on a Mexican radio... Reply
  • Please, remove my head from my body. My head hurts. Reply
  • NameOphelea
  • GenderFemale
  • Birthday1971 Year 9 Month 17 Day
  • SchoolUniversity of Oregon
  • CompanySpicy Horse Games

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456321 2013-7-12 01:45:59
Hardhorse 2013-3-12 04:38:50
I had a 4x espresso the other day... Damn that was good!! If you ever at the Grind it'll be my treat!
Japanes 2013-3-5 19:27:12
Ophelea 2013-2-21 05:44:21
Thank you!
Japanes 2013-2-21 05:14:33
Ophelea 2013-2-13 00:04:59
Duke, e-mail me and I'll ask American.
Duke 2013-2-12 23:32:24
Hey Ophelea, could you tell me the songs name pls   :
B10H4Z4RD 2013-1-24 11:26:11
the column containing this box...
Ophelea 2013-1-22 14:50:19
What are you referring to?
B10H4Z4RD 2013-1-21 10:43:56
a little bit of diy cant hurt, you have a middle column that goes to the middle of nowhere
Distraction 2012-11-29 03:59:34
Add me as a friend!  
B10H4Z4RD 2012-9-25 09:32:03
U should hide ur birthday...
tokay 2012-9-20 08:36:35
Yay! Another friend :)
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