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  • WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAH. I'm too cool for school. Reply
  • OBSESSED WITH HALLOWEEN!!! Already eating candy till I'm sick, and my poor professors are being bombarded with horror related projects. Reply
  • School net sucks. D:< Reply
  • SCHOOL!! ;____; Still sick. Reply
  • Holy shit. Sick with a cold, slept until 7 PM fiancee gave me soup and a crapload of vitamin water. Now with a full tummy I am wired. o_o; I hope I can pass my tests tomorrow. o.o; Reply
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  • CompanyBeing a nutjob. :D
  • InterestsComics, Cartoons, Music, Video Games, reading, writing and drawing!

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Art addiction 2012-09-28
My Art professor this semester has been a huge inspiration to me. He's an incredibly well known artist ...
(1294) Views|(1) Comments
Bleh this sickness. 2012-09-25
I've been sick for the past couple of days but yesterday and today are the worst days. Dayquil every four hours, lots of vitamin water, soup and rest. ...
(2528) Views|(1) Comments
Just a test. 2012-09-22
I just wanted to make sure everything is working properly. So far so good.  On a happy note, Silent Hill is opening up a theme park in Univers ...
(1821) Views|(2) Comments

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Moxxie 2013-2-15 09:43:59
Too cute  
Ryanisking089 2012-11-2 09:43:26
llamas with hats lol
Twigs-192 2012-10-4 02:37:47
I love your avatar picture lol
Alice 2012-9-24 12:58:17
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