ChristianJohn Publish time 2013-2-16 06:54:35

Do Level III attributes equipment exist in Kongregate server?

Edited by ChristianJohn at 2013-2-16 07:09

I am currently farming to try to get good equipment and I notice a threat with people that  posted screenshot of their gear and have equipment with attributes level III even green items.
I have never seen one in all my time farming except the Obsedian claymore in rare shop. Not even on the shop or in blue items I have got  blue items but their attribute is Level I !!! and they level 20 gear!
So my question is if you play on kongregate do you got any level III atribute gear  that is not Obsedian claymore ? or they do not exist in kongregate?

by attributes I mean thristy III , brutal III ,Hyper III ,precision III

Origami Publish time 2013-2-16 07:33:23

Edited by Origami at 2013-2-16 00:38

Kongregate players use the same gameplay servers as Spicyworld users. The only difference is that Kongregate have full control over accounts of their players and because of that they separate login servers. You play exactly the same game as we do, and level III attributes are available to everyone who play. Play some more and with enough luck you'll get them too :)

Oh, and remember that because Kongregate and Spicyworld use the same gameplay server, you'll be able to co-op with us in future.

But if you want to hear something like "I do - I play on Kongregate and I have level III attributes" than you should post this question on Kongregate forum, not here. From what I see you also have a Akaneiro section there. :D We don't have many users from other platforms here, but we always glad to help, so it's great that you're coming here :) Cheers!

B10H4Z4RD Publish time 2013-2-16 10:45:27

they do, but chances are, they are purple and rare as fuck (to a non professional gamer, thats quite rare, if you know what i mean)

Origami Publish time 2013-2-16 19:00:10

I have level III attributes on my green items. They are really rare, but not limited to purple ones.

ChristianJohn Publish time 2013-2-17 04:31:38

Edited by ChristianJohn at 2013-2-17 04:32

well yesterday I got 2 level 20 blue items and their attributes were level I ..... I find it weird because I would had expect at least a level III green equipment. But what you saying is that level III green gear is most rare than blue gear?

Origami Publish time 2013-2-17 05:08:32

The level III attributes are more rare by themselves. As you see, most of items, even on 19/20 lvl have only lvl I/II attributes. And as greens drop more often than blues it's more likely to get a lvl III attribute on green than on blue.

Chaos379 Publish time 2013-2-17 05:10:02

I didnt even know that  greens at level <20 could be III attributes yet...

Origami Publish time 2013-2-17 21:39:54

I have some unconfirmed info about that. Level III attributes should appear only for items up from lvl 25, it looks like there was a glitch during the days before first update that created items with OP attributes that got fixed by now. So right now no one is able to get such items again. They will be availabe again when the devs release area 7 - Melon Fields and the level cap will go from 24 to 28. But now we have to wait for area 6 - Yurei Fields anyway.

ChristianJohn Publish time 2013-2-19 05:37:16

Well that totally explain i find so weird because I have farmed like over 10 blue items and still have not got a single level III green or blue equipment.

mido_raizen11 Publish time 2013-3-4 13:41:42

Fuck, I knew something weird was going on, I farmed like 20 blue items today and haven't seen one with Lvl III atributte. Green either.
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