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Unity Engine Scripting Questions

*I was unaware of where to post this or (who to email this to), if there is someone i could directly ask this question to I would appreciate getting his/her contact info (email preferably).*

I read recently read in an interview on starpulse.com with American McGee that Akaneiro uses the Unity3D Engine. I am currently using the Unity3D Engine for a project, and I am unsure if I should use C# or JS (or something else). I have much more experience using C# compared to JS.
I want to ask a game developer because i'm curious to know what language is more efficient to write in. Before i type out a wall of text these are my questions:  

1. What scripting language do the developers prefer?
2. Is one language more efficient than another?
3. Is there any difference in performace between languages? <-- (might not matter because i think it's all compiled into the same language (CIL) in the end)

I am aware that any answers i get (hopefully) will be opinions, obviously, but i just want the opinion of a professional (rather than several replies by random people on the Unity3D forums) so i'll have an idea of what to do next for my project.

Many thanks,

Cassielle Publish time 2013-2-23 16:25:00

I am not a Developer, just a Moderator, but I can answer all of those.

1: C# is the language used for Akaneiro, Crazy Fairies and BigHead Bash.
2: C# is more efficient, JS is a scripting language and has no low-level functions built in at all, you are at the mercy of the compiler. C# has many ways to optimize code further, though they are unfriendly and time consuming.
3. Generally speaking, the compiler will handle them the same if no low level optimization is done.

Ultimately, though, it comes down to what you WANT to use. All else being equal, I'd suggest JS -- Mono is maturing VERY well, but C# still doesn't play nice with non-Windows OSs all the time.

spudman Publish time 2013-2-24 04:50:57

Thanks for the quick reply!

Based on your answers I think I'll stick with C# at the moment since I'm planning on using Windows OS's for this project.  


alex_80sa Publish time 2013-2-25 11:59:04

Pretty much what Cassielle said :)

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