travianne Publish time 2013-2-23 22:22:36


I'm wondering if it is possible to know my ping with the server. Is there any way that could enhance it? without really upgrading your internet connection speed from your ISP?

astromilleniumx Publish time 2013-2-23 22:26:01

To check your ping click in the button the the left of the mini map.

travianne Publish time 2013-2-23 22:33:21

astromilleniumx replied at 2013-2-23 22:26 static/image/common/back.gif
To check your ping click in the button the the left of the mini map.
Thanks, just checked it, and I'm quite disappointed with my ping reply (250-400) :'(
Is there any way that I can improve it? Can I choose a server?

astromilleniumx Publish time 2013-2-23 22:46:01

Edited by astromilleniumx at 2013-2-23 14:53

Maybe you have background programs running that cause this low ping? Do you have utorrent or are you downloading anything?

Check your computer for viruses like spyware, they also may influence ping.

Maybe your firewall is causing high ping? Make an exception for Akaneiro in your firewall security settings.

If you have a router and you have more than person using the internet, like downloading, that can cause high ping too.

Lastly, try doing a winsock reset to repair internet connectivity problems.

If all of this doesn't work and if you can run other games with good ping, or Akaneiro support team and see what they can do to help you.

If you can't run any game with good ping, contact your ISP.

Cassielle Publish time 2013-2-24 04:47:33

Akaneiro uses full-route ping. So you're actually seeing DOUBLE what the ping in an FPS is.

Shangri-La Publish time 2013-2-24 07:38:48

Maybe because your Akaneiro client is uploading, limit the uploadspeed and problem solved.
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