Shangri-La Publish time 2013-2-26 06:51:30

Food and purple items

So my question is, what's the point of purple items if their stats it' just like white ones but adding very low stats, eating food and and buy a pet for 350 doubles our stat and I think that's a lot either nerf food(there's are locked slots on shammy mart, meaning there's gonna be even better foods?)  and upgrade later game purple items or it's not worth it farming gear on this game...

DTBIncarnate Publish time 2013-2-26 07:13:32

Purple items have uncommon boosts, such as boosts to certain skill types (prowess, fortitute, etc) as well as things like chance to explode.

It is definitely worth trying to get purple items, it's less hassle than buying food, and when you have purple items, you can use food to gain that much more bonus.

Nothing needs to be nerfed, it takes money to buy the food, and it is limited time.

Shangri-La Publish time 2013-2-26 07:36:55

Edited by Shangri-La at 2013-2-26 07:41

Let's say you got a full set of obsidian with another stats on later game(lvl 40) 8x3 or 7x3 if you got two-handed weapon that's 24/21 on all stats but at this level you should have 126 main stat if you put them all on your main stat, at level 20 if you eat spicy sushi that's 67 power added and at level 40= 134 so what's the point of farming purple for a week that only gives low stats compared to food and pets? EDIT: Forget to say there will be more pets and foods = better stats...

DTBIncarnate Publish time 2013-2-26 07:41:16

Farming for a week is never worth it, but if you happen to find one it's definitely good to keep. You seem to have an issue more with farming than the actual purple.

Garland Publish time 2013-2-26 07:42:33

The answer is... Don't farm purples.

Seriously. I think all of four people have gotten them in beta, and I haven't heard anyone have one DROPPED in the full release, so they're not worth it.

As it should be pointed out, DTB is right. Having purples and then eating food is still technically better than only having either.

Shangri-La Publish time 2013-2-26 07:44:56

Not problem about farming, but hey this is a game and if you could beat every monster and every treat by just buying food and pet by something as 350 karma(you get this selling 3 white stuff) seems boring, and I believe many people is excited to get better gears to actually get better stats not just + 10 spell damage when you worked so hard for them.

DTBIncarnate Publish time 2013-2-26 07:50:19

+10 spell damage is a lot...

Shangri-La Publish time 2013-2-26 07:53:21

it's nothing compared to food... and I'm talking about level 40 just think about it... you will be dealing more than 160 for sure with food+pet and with full purple with best stats as obsidian 170 that's just so bad...

DTBIncarnate Publish time 2013-2-26 07:59:02

The point of food is to be big boosts with a limited time and cost money, it's supposed to be more powerful than any one stat bonus on a gear.

Shangri-La Publish time 2013-2-26 08:02:20

Edited by Shangri-La at 2013-2-26 08:03

Well since it's just 350 for both of them, it's just too easy...the only fun thing in this game will be farm Karma over and over or buy them with $$ to unlock new areas and beat them easily? level 20 purples on shop 140k(rare shop purple cape) higher level will be ALOT more...
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