altaireden10 Publish time 2013-3-1 23:35:03

lagging problem during overrun mode

I have been experiencing lagging problems on the game and its getting annyoning. When I start to lag, I end up dying and either resurrecting or starting the mission over again. I decided to download the client and see if it would reduce the lagging problem, but nothing. This is a problem and hope you guys can fix the problem soon, before the mobile version comes out. Also I hope this game continues on, because i have been looking for a good cross-platform game for both pc and mobile. I have tried different game, DL, PL, SL, Order and chaos(cross platform once, but pc was taken down for good). DL, PL, SL, and AL are good, but I think akaneiro is better. I don't want to see this game to fail because of the lagging problem or because of limited features. This game is good and hope it can continue to be a good game to play. Thanks.

DTBIncarnate Publish time 2013-3-1 23:46:10

It could be due to many things.
1: Could be your fps getting really low when you have a lot of enemies to load
2: Could be a slow internet connection
3: It could be Unity being a piece of crap like usual

Most likely it's not something the dev's can really help as it's not technically akaneiro that's doing it.

Hardhorse Publish time 2013-3-2 05:18:46

Yeah I get dced a lot too. But it doesn't happen all the time, so my best guess is it's about traffic.

I lost a lot of karma from trying to make up for it by continuing to play from last death & investing in buffs (pots & spirits). That just ended up loosing me loads of karma due to (consistent disconnects). So now my answer is to not spend on things that expire or are more then very cheap.

This could be a real problem if the game devs' strategy for support ends up being about purchased karma.

I'd suggest a compensation plan if dced but I'm sure that would be pretty easy to exploit. So what to do...?

B10H4Z4RD Publish time 2013-3-2 05:27:34

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LydonB Publish time 2013-3-3 01:56:44

Buying a crappy alienware won't solve the problem.

The lag you are experiencing is the ping spiking up due to increased mob numbers on overrun.

Hardhorse Publish time 2013-3-6 09:00:16

B10H4Z4RD replied at 2013-3-1 13:27 static/image/common/back.gif
Do you want to know how to fix all your problems??? click here

You buyin'?

B10H4Z4RD Publish time 2013-3-6 09:01:50

Hardhorse replied at 2013-3-5 21:00 static/image/common/back.gif
You buyin'?

lolno, i build mah own shit

Garland Publish time 2013-3-7 02:43:06

I'd rather give my money to Child's Play than buy an Alienware.

$75 for 2 gB of RAM, what the hell.

Tricen Publish time 2013-3-7 06:47:36

The only lag problem I've run into so far is in the Heart of Ice level with the final battle. The glowy stone thing gives me some issues. Once it disappears then it's fine.

Hardhorse Publish time 2013-3-8 07:39:28

Garland replied at 2013-3-6 10:43 static/image/common/back.gif
I'd rather give my money to Child's Play than buy an Alienware.

$75 for 2 gB of RAM, what the hell. ...


Um yeah & I hate lag.
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