Chaos379 Publish time 2013-3-2 20:08:09

What's your Akaneiro strategy?

Shangri-La Publish time 2013-3-3 02:52:38

I do treasure hunting(only big chest) and kill large group of monster and then boss because boss in A5 has also a lot of monster around him and I always get some greens there.

Hardhorse Publish time 2013-3-4 04:03:35

It's tough to answer in the  poll. Cause sometimes I need exp and sometimes I need blues or so it changes.
what about you DBT?

mido_raizen11 Publish time 2013-3-4 13:33:24

Edited by mido_raizen11 at 2013-3-7 18:25

Finish 4 or 5 missions Overrun as quickly as posible then Areas 4-3 & 5-3 (secure) and kill everything.

PinkFrog Publish time 2013-3-4 19:56:57

I only feel good if all red dots are gone :D

Daggy Publish time 2013-3-10 01:11:22

Edited by Daggy at 2013-3-10 01:12

i pratically pull all the mobs i can then kill them with hungry cut + meteor and go next to other pack till boss  where i use ninja escape + chi mend basically and normal attack switching my 2h weapon with 2x one hand very fast weapon that work better on bosses (since theyr fast attack)

:victory: victory :victory:

P.S: only play overrun form area 1 to 5 :)

B10H4Z4RD Publish time 2013-3-10 11:01:13

PinkFrog replied at 2013-3-4 07:56 static/image/common/back.gif
I only feel good if all red dots are gone

lol ocd               

matrilwood Publish time 2013-3-14 22:56:41

I'd have to say all of the above

Your summon only lasts for half an hour, so you gotta get as much out of it as you can.
Being a bit of a perfectionist, EVERYTHING must be dead.
That includes dead crates.
Why play if you're not going to enjoy the scenery?

boiler13183 Publish time 2013-3-20 23:48:14

For me, it's a combination of speed run and annihilation.  I make a bee line for the main boss and kill the large monster groups.  I leave the stragglers or the small groups alone.

Biggs Publish time 2013-5-2 22:42:19

Treasure hunter for sure. I get more karma from selling drops than I do from killing mobs; more karma = better skills and better equips. In addition, I just might get lucky with a good item from those chests, so they're my priority. Killing stuff is just a means to a karma-centric end.
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