CWR Publish time 2013-3-4 15:48:19

Anyone else suddenly getting kicked for "suspicious activity"?

Just this evening I got kicked out of the Graverobbers mission and back to the login twice, with the message "Suspicious activity has been detected from your account.  Make sure you are playing with the latest version."  That's never happened to me before.  It must be some bug in the cheat detection, but I'm not sure what can be causing it so I don't know what to change to avoid it.

* I restarted the installer just to be sure a new client version hadn't been pushed out, but apparently not.
* The server was laggy as hell with monsters popping from place to place; I don't know if that could have some kind of effect that ends up looking suspicious?
* Does enabling the "auto-attack" checkbox work too well and trigger some kind of anti-bot detector?
* I just upgraded my MB this evening, as my old one was dying and kept crashing, so my system is running faster but I doubt that's it; it's still an oldish system and I can't imagine a sllight jump in CPU speed making much difference compared to ping.
* Some bug specific to Graverobbers? Come to think of it, it happened near the same place twice, about three-quarters of the way around the "donut" shape of the first cave.
* My caltrops were working great tonight.  Is my ninja just too awesome for the server to handle? ;P

Anyway, is anybody else having problems with this out of the blue?

Duke Publish time 2013-3-4 16:11:11

Did you overclock your CPU / GPU ?

Garland Publish time 2013-3-5 04:13:06

A lot of people have reported this. Fill out a zendesk bug report to help the team squash this.

B10H4Z4RD Publish time 2013-3-5 04:57:13

u used to fall through the floor in graverobbers... dc could be the new thing

alex_80sa Publish time 2013-3-5 11:16:39

That message is triggered by the anti-cheat system but it should not appear during normal gameplay. Please submit a ticket to our bug reporting tool and we can work with you to fix this problem.

CWR Publish time 2013-3-5 15:50:10

Filing out the form right now...

CWR Publish time 2013-3-5 16:02:19

Edited by CWR at 2013-3-5 16:03

Ticket done.  To answer Duke, yes I am overclocking the CPU with the new MB: Intel Core 2 Quad E6600 clocked up from 2.4GHz to 2.8GHz.  I wasn't doing that previously because the old Gigabyte mobo wasn't stable when overclocked.  I put that into the bug report in case it might be relevant, though the connection seems a bit farfetched.

Edit to add:
Thanks all for the supportive replies; I appreciate them.

alex_80sa Publish time 2013-3-5 19:07:28

We have had issues with overclocking triggering the anti-cheat system in the past, though we did some changes to fix that. Hopefully the network programmers can figure it out :)

CWR Publish time 2013-3-5 22:59:41

OK then, it's easy enough for me to just not crank the speed up.  Hope you get the bug fixed but in the meantime thanks for the tip!

clouddew Publish time 2013-3-15 10:29:36

Edited by clouddew at 2013-3-15 10:33

IT kicked me out too. I have only played this pretty looking game for 5-6mins. I raised a ticket as I couldn't reconnect and once I re loaded the app it wanted to download all 600mb again! Thats put me off for the time being.

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