crosed Publish time 2013-3-5 10:18:33

problem with the right click of the mouse

Edited by crosed at 2013-3-5 10:28

Well,when i was changing the settings of the key-binds in the launcher and accidentally put the right-click of the mouse  in one even after i change the key  the right-click of the mouse didn't work, didn't let me equip or transmute objects in the inventory window and worse it didnt work either when I went to buy abilities.

so,if someone knows any solution or way of restore the default keys of the game please tell me,I'll be very grateful for your help.

Garland Publish time 2013-3-5 12:07:20

Have you tried deleting all the data files and reinstalling?

crosed Publish time 2013-3-6 00:26:36

well, I erase the whole "win" folder with the game data in it and download  the game again, the problem still persist
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