altaireden10 Publish time 2013-3-11 09:25:03

question about the roadmap for akaneiro

I know that the roadmap is to show us what is going to be added to the game, but I am wondering how it is. I know some of the features like the shinigami scrolls, it shows a UI. What does UI mean? Also for the daily rewards what does the (NWP) mean? What I am wondering is when these features on these days are these features completed and when it comes time to release a new update these features will be added to the game with the update? I am just wondering about this.

alex_80sa Publish time 2013-3-11 11:28:19

The things in brackets usually refer to which department will be working on it at that time. The meaning of Art and 3D are fairly obvious but UI (User Interface) and NWP (Network Programming) aren't so obvious. UI deals with how you interact with the game (front end). NWP deals with server side of things (back end).

The dates are indicative of when a feature will be completed by but are subject to change. Once a feature is complete, it will appear in a build at some point after the completion date.
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