VisualKOIFish Publish time 2013-3-14 01:12:37

Mouse/trackpad problem

Does anyone have any suggestions for me. My problem is that I have a trackpad instead of a mouse so I am unable to right click. This puts me at a disadvantage when I am playing Akaneiro. I really love this game but my trackpad is kinda getting in the way. I dont want to purchase a new mouse or anything like that but I really with there was a feature to change the gameplay settings to have a setup that would enable me to "right click" on something by using another button of some sort. If anyone has any suggestions for me to some how be able to "right click" with a trackpad in the mean time that would be great.

Garland Publish time 2013-3-14 01:35:47

I believe the client version allows you to change your key bindings, including right clicking.

Be wary, however, that there have been some users reporting glitch ones with it. There is no guarantee that it will work, but in your situation, it shouldn't matter much if it doesn't work.
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