EEK Publish time 2013-3-14 14:46:16

Have not received peppers

Hey guys I was just wondering if anyone else did not receive free peppers for a trial membership of another site. I completed the Gamefly one and even got my first game and did not get my promised peppers. It was my first time using gamefly and I did get some peppers for other surveys and such. If anyone had this problem and resolved it I would love to hear how.


B10H4Z4RD Publish time 2013-3-15 04:37:10

lol? i dont have any surveys in my area, did the offer say something like "awards credits instantly, 15 min delay, within 3 business days" etc?

Distraction Publish time 2013-3-15 06:47:41

I think you need to wait a bit.Some of them says that take a while(I think)

alex_80sa Publish time 2013-3-26 16:23:11

There can be a delay of up to 24 hours for the Peppers to be credited to your account. If they don't come through, please submit a bug report and we'll work with you to investigate this.
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