poblol Publish time 2013-3-18 19:38:25

Low FPS on my Girlfriend's Laptop

Edited by poblol at 2013-3-18 22:42

Hey, my gf's laptop (MS Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1 Pentium Dual-Core CPU T4500 @ 2,30GHz 3,0 GB RAM Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family) has big trouble running the game. Any suggestions why? Torchlight 1 runs very smoothly. The maximum CPU use is around 40%.. but ~5-8 fps ingame .. unplayable. It doesnt work with the browser nor the client.. i ran out of ideas. Or is her laptop just too bad?

changed from low quality to normal quality ingame(i think thats bugged? i changed to low quality (30fps) then back to normal (90fps)) -> game runs better but still not perfect to play

mido_raizen11 Publish time 2013-3-19 02:16:06

Edited by mido_raizen11 at 2013-3-18 15:22

Mm that's weird, I just tried it on an older laptop with Vista Basic, Service Pack 1, Dual Core CPU T 4200 @2,00GHz 2,00 Gb Ram and it's playable , not perfect, but completely playable with low quality graphics.

B10H4Z4RD Publish time 2013-3-19 03:42:51

5-8 fps isnt that bad... for this game, i could live with it, but that is a bad laptop

poblol Publish time 2013-3-19 04:39:10

dafuq? i have ~70-80 and that is playable? :D 5-8 ? is unplayable :D

B10H4Z4RD Publish time 2013-3-19 05:56:21

***for this game*** see if you had 5-8 for something like sc2 u would be screwed

poblol Publish time 2013-3-19 19:33:32

Well, it isn't just the low fps it doesn't run smoothly! if you walk there is always this feeling "omg so annoying"

I can compare it to my game and it is on my gf's laptop unplayable.. :(

Duke Publish time 2013-3-19 23:18:59

Thats really weird. It should run fine.

Garland Publish time 2013-3-20 11:38:14

I don't know if any game is playable at that low an FPS, BIO.

travianne Publish time 2013-3-20 11:50:20

check your net speed. your fps may vary depending on your ping response. low ping = good fps result

poblol Publish time 2013-3-20 19:48:06

hm it has nothing to do with the net speed. she played at my home and had the same problem.. and my net speed is 1000x better than hers
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