Selquist Publish time 2013-3-19 07:53:24

High Pings after new patch

Edited by Selquist at 2013-3-18 19:09

Seems like my steady ping hovers around 180-200(im in the central US) the high ping causes me to swing the weapon and then monster dies 1/2 second to 1 second later also damage taken is behind and have died numerous times due to the lag. I know this is beta and all. Just wondering if there was any word on a fix or a workaround.

Edit after a little bit today they have gotten a bit better. still while in combat seems to jump into the 300's then back down to 100 and then after combat has finsihed it returns to 65-90

mido_raizen11 Publish time 2013-3-19 09:24:14

Akaneiro is not beta anymore. And A LOt of people have your ping values and even higher. You´re lucky yours stay between those numbers.

Garland Publish time 2013-3-19 13:44:26

Keep in mind, your ping is 2x that you'd see in an FPS using the same resources.

So it's actually about 90-100.
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