CWR Publish time 2013-3-22 14:19:57

"The client and server versions do not match."

This must be a server-side problem? I was playing earlier this evening, and suddenly got this when I came back to the game after cooking dinner.

I restarted the launcher so it could recheck the files against the distribution, rebooted the computer, and finally redownloaded the launcher installer from and reinstalled it.  Still the same message every time I try to connect.

I guess this is a Dharmic message that I need to go do something more useful for the rest of the evenng...

Dr.Mosby Publish time 2013-3-22 16:04:17

just update your client to the latest version via launcher

alex_80sa Publish time 2013-3-26 09:09:14

Please make sure you have the latest launcher, which is available at If the problem persists after updating the launcher, please submit a bug report and we'll work with you to sort it out.
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