Ryustaris Publish time 2013-4-8 00:44:39

Item ability missing

I found myself bored and checking all item abilities and found out that we've got Health Boost, Energy Boost and Energy Regen.. but no Health Regen?

We've got Medium set energy regen.. Heavy set health regen! So it would be 2 energy regens but just 1 health regen?
i came up with this idea..


Im an ingenieer not an artist, sory for the "paint" ajaja

FlightTribe Publish time 2013-4-8 12:01:51

It's a good idea, and something that may get added in future  :)

Ryustaris Publish time 2013-4-9 03:35:37

Thanks, and i've got a question.
Does this abilities stack?
For Eg. if i get 3 pieces of armor with Focused II  they will boost my regen? or they must be different?
like Focused I, II, and III to work together?

And another question..
well i made a post about it.  (its short)

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