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One really funny bug.

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I noticed that after the latest patch, bosses who have the meteor skill have bugged out. Now the meteor-strike hurts them instead.  I admit it makes the bosses much easier when they practically kill themselves, but I guess it should be fixed. No hurry though, as it is now, it's pretty funny to watch them killing themselves :D

Also, I'll use this chance to suggest it again, the way how one of the most successful F2P-games to-date has managed to make people play World of Tanks at least once per day. WoT offers double exp and money rewards from the day's first victory per tank. I think this kind of encouragement could work well with Akaneiro as well, like say the day's first mission gives double the amount of xp and Karma. That way people will keep playing the game and not forget it when waiting for new updates. Nowadays theres so many games people play at once, that giving them the incentive to play yours can be difficult. I think the simple World of Tanks-way has contributed much to its 40 million player-base.

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Report every bug and suggestion through

Devs may not see your thread.

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devs see every thread

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devs see every thread

it's only because the amount of devs is lager than the amount of  new threads
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