Ryustaris Publish time 2013-4-17 08:05:47

Client BUG After Update

This is what happens, i tryed uninstalling the client, re-updating it, etc..
Doesen't work! I got stuck in character selection and its all a mess graphicaly speaking.


aku Publish time 2013-4-17 19:12:49

Which version of OS and launcher are you using?

Ryustaris Publish time 2013-4-18 07:01:22

Edited by Ryustaris at 2013-4-18 07:02

Windows XP 32bits, SP2..

Launcher, the last one (you got the version in top right)
i used to play fine but when i updated the launcher it all went like this.
i uninstalled everything, downloaded the launcher again, and re-updated it.. still the same!

Ryustaris Publish time 2013-4-18 07:08:14

Dont know it this would help..


aku Publish time 2013-4-18 10:39:43

can you contact with me?

skype: cat_can_be_dog
email: alexandr@spicyhorse.com

Ryustaris Publish time 2013-4-18 10:42:21

Bro, i found a solution.. i downloaded the .zip client, that works fine.
Dunno why the launcher version gives me that error, anyway..
if im the only one, dont worry.. solved

Galuano Publish time 2013-5-11 02:17:29

I am in the same situation. Have I to download the client, too?
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