Ryustaris Publish time 2013-4-20 07:12:30

New Special Items

I just wanted to say... WTF!??

The first ones were AWESOME items (way to expensive, but awesome) but... they got sold and never re-stocked..
Now we've got the new items.. well, i want to put some humor into it, cause i think it might be a joke!!


Origami Publish time 2013-4-20 07:26:26

They weren't first ones. Previous stock was third or fourth one IIRC. And that's the whole idea of rare goods vendor. They're limited number for whole game, and when they're sold, stock is changed to different one.

And those purple sickles are quite nice btw. I bought two and in many cases they work much better than Nodachi from previous stock.

Ryustaris Publish time 2013-4-20 07:41:57

The weapon is good.. not wow, but good.
But the sets, they suck bro, in this case i think nobody will try to farm/buy karma to get those if that was the idea..

About the restock, i know what the whole ide of rare goods is.. but, why dont to fill the market of GOOD stuff, and when they sold out, change the item when it runs out, and .. dont know, once a month change everything.

This way some may be interested, im not crying for anything, i dont want any weap or armor in particular, just making an advice.. this items wont sell (unless sickle)  jaja double very fast high chance to stun.. in pvp i would say.. stun hit, hit stun, stun hit hit.. down! XD

mido_raizen11 Publish time 2013-4-20 11:10:27

So, what's up with this weird thingys on the new sickles lol

Origami Publish time 2013-4-20 17:44:09

I don't know, I think that for new players and low level characters those items will be quite useful. They are better than most drops and regular vendor items. Devs can't focus only on endgame content there.

Ryustaris Publish time 2013-4-21 00:34:08

You are right, new players would probably buy a 33k usless pants when they need to upgrade skills and unlock areas.. lol
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