sirlollipop Publish time 2013-4-21 01:43:29


I cant play this game with my friend. dont know why.
I cant chose in the multiplayer who i wanna play with. There is just couple of random people but not more than 10 and they are same even if i re log in. can you help me plz. Thanks

Origami Publish time 2013-4-21 01:46:45

There's no multiplayer yet. The summoned characters belong to offline players and are controlled by artifical intelligence. They're chosen randomly to match the level range close to you.

sirlollipop Publish time 2013-4-21 01:52:11

Ouh.... i didnt know that well thank you me and my firend were worried it was a bug or something well im sry for troubling

Origami Publish time 2013-4-21 22:54:43

No prob. We're all waiting for proper multiplayer. :] Hopefully it's sooner than later to come now.

Kog12 Publish time 2013-4-24 05:12:29

Yea..I really want multiplayer in this game

Ap5p Publish time 2013-4-26 21:17:32

i can't even imagine it. will it be only for 2 players or up to 4? and if everyone could still summon a partner, will there actually be 4-16 characters in game? then how will the loot system work? will everyone be able to pick up your loot? then how about team buffs? ressurection? rewards split? xp gain? and so much more..

Kaitsu Publish time 2013-4-27 09:41:18

It'll most likely be only up to 2 at a time. Unless they find a way to make dungeons harder that would need more than 2 players.

B10H4Z4RD Publish time 2013-4-27 10:12:32

I imagine multiplayer being limited to something like instanced zones in mmos. Based on the current learning curve, multiplayer will never be required for regular missions.
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