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Problems and suggestions so far.

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I am currently at lvl 11, below are the problems I have with this game so far:

1) Where are the ranged weapons? And where are those shuriken and kunai? I have tried playing a character using Steady Shot, while it is fun to use, it is no where near viable in its current shape or form to qualify as an abilities which can be used as a substitute to ranged weapons because it simply uses too much energy and have too long of a cooldown. One way to fix this is to make the uncharged shots uses next to no energy with cooldown similar to the swing speed of the weapon equiped but deal damage that is equivalent to normal weapon attack and scale up the energy consumption and cooldown when it is charged up. The solution I would prefer is to add in ranged weapons like flintlock rifles, long bow, crossbow and throwing weapons.

2) Lack of recovery items causes players to put great importance in abilities that offers regen and heal. The way I see it, one of the following abilities, medium and heavy armor masteries, Chi Mend and Prayer, Hungry Cleave, is a must have on every character in order to survive the game. Build that utilize the energy regen offered by medium armor mastery are especially potent due to the high energy regen making it possible to spam Chi Mend, Hungry Cleave and Swath of Destruction to keep the players alive. This is also the main 3 abilities I am using. With this 3 abilities, I just let my character auto attack in a boss fight and hit Chi Mend whenever my life is down to 50% and immediately get healed back to full. Even though there are stats on armor pieces that offer life and energy regen, it is also extremely hard to come by a piece that suits the player's need, therefore, the easiest way to obtain those bonus are from abilities. There are food that offer those bonus but they are so weak when compared to what I can have by getting the mastery. I think recovery items should be added to the game but with a moderate cooldown on use in order to avoid people spamming it.

3) Boss damage is too low. Like I said above, auto attack, hit Chi Mend once in a while and collect loot, don't even have to avoid the attacks.

4) Where are the caster type character with staffs? I was looking forward to make a caster type character in monk outfit using staff as weapon only to find out that it is not possible to do so. The current energy system also is the main limitation for this kind of character build.

5) More armor and accessory slot. Instead of categorize the armor pieces into just head, chest and leg, why not head, shoulder, chest, hand, leg and foot? This way people can better mix and match armor pieces like creating a character having a mix of light and medium armor. Also I have 2 hands with 10 fingers, why am I only allowed to wear 1 ring?

6) AI on the auto attack is a bad idea. Most of the time it causes me death because the AI decides that it is a good idea to stay and attack that 1 particular monster I targeted with Hungry Cleave or Swath of Destruction when doing hit and run on a group of 10-12 monsters. All of that happening right under my eyes while I am destroying my mouse furiously clicking in the other direction to run away. At least have the options to allow people to turn it off if they want to.

7) Can I have offline mode? I know I know, prevent cheating and hacking, better gameplay, social aspect of the game and such the usual arguments for online play only. In a game like this where twitch response is an important aspect that can mean life or death, no amount of lag is tolerable. I should not feel like I am getting screwed by something that is out of my control. If cheaters and hackers are the main concerns, just lock the character used for offline play out of PvP. Online play with friends only should still be allowed because honestly, in a co-op game with friends I know, I don't even care if the guy I am playing with is cheating. Also, those premium food should be seperated into a different tab in the vendor to make sure that all those items are not available for purchase when in offline play to prevent people hacking the item shop to gain unlimited supply of premium items.

8) Have more information on abilities and item comparison. How much energy does Chi Mend use and how much heal can it do? How much energy does Hungry Cleave use how much life steal and damage it do? There is no easy way for me to find out because none of the info is available. For weapons and armor comparison, character stats, dps, critical chance, elemental and damage resistance and elemental damage should be displayed as well because there are stats on weapons and armor that affect those. I don't want to keep switching between windows to see the difference between say a Amethyst Bandit Greaves and a Garnet Bandit Greaves.

9) Why can't I rebind my keys?

10) Allow camera rotation and allow players adjust the focus distance to increase the viewing distance or focus in on the character and monster for inspection and artistic purposes.

11) Please let me share my loot among my characters.

12) Screen resolution setting. There are things at the edge that I can't see right now because it is outside of my monitor resolution.

13) Let me check my character stats on level up before I decide which stat to improve.

Ryustaris Publish time 2013-4-22 03:17:12

1) Don't
2) Don't
3) Agreed
4) Agreed (Not caster but other classes too, but without all this skill mixing)
5) Agreed
6) Agreed
7) Don't
8) Agreed
9) Dont know if key rebinding, but more keyslots for more skills
10) Its lot's of work.. prefer not to agree now, but nice idea.
11) Agreed!!
12) Agreed
13) Agreed but its not a big deal

RocK_M Publish time 2013-4-22 07:52:46

Technically a "caster" would be a mix of skills from Skill and Power tree since most of the ranged/AoE dmg skills fall under these two. If anything Skill technically is the glass cannon/caster w/ 2 ranged spells (poison and steady), teleport/stun and 2 AoE's. It's just that Power has a lot more DPS based skills like Meteor/Swath of Destruction.

That being said... i do think its time we get some newer skills just to spice things up!

Aicus Publish time 2013-4-22 14:37:56

RocK_M replied at 2013-4-22 07:52 static/image/common/back.gif
Technically a "caster" would be a mix of skills from Skill and Power tree since most of the ranged/A ...

The problem is I can only use like 3-4 abilities before having to run around waiting for regen. Which is why I said medium armor mastery is powerful because the energy regen from the mastery made it possible to spam abilities. This also lock the caster type character into using medium armor only. Sure you can stack energy regen stats when using otehr armor type but it is not a good way because it is so hard to find 1 piece that is actually useful. 1 solution I see is to have a staff mastery which reduces the amount of energy used by abilities or increases the amount of energy so that more abilities can be used before having to wait for regen.

Aicus Publish time 2013-4-24 18:14:49

Ryustaris replied at 2013-4-22 03:17 static/image/common/back.gif
1) Don't
2) Don't
3) Agreed

Don't really understand the 2 first don'ts but for offline mode, we are playing this game as a single player game all these time, so I don't see why not just give players an offline mode so that people that prefer to play the game as a single player game can play without lag and when server/internet/router/onboard LAN is down.

Origami Publish time 2013-4-24 20:22:59

Because the game was created basing on the co-op idea and social features. Multiplayer is postponed because it's being improved, not because the singleplayer is more important. Making something with half of features cutted off just to make it work without internet connection is not a good idea.

Aicus Publish time 2013-4-24 22:26:07

Origami replied at 2013-4-24 20:22 static/image/common/back.gif
Because the game was created basing on the co-op idea and social features. Multiplayer is postponed  ...

That is subjective.

I think it is a good idea to give players choice and I would give up whatever co-op and social features for a good single player experience no matter how good the multiplayer is. Developers should really consider the fact that not everyone wants to be connected 24/ and not everyone have access to Internet 24/7. The only reason I see not to allow offline mode is because it reduces the chance of players using the in game micro transaction.

Origami Publish time 2013-4-24 23:14:07

Aicus replied at 2013-4-24 15:26 static/image/common/back.gif
That is subjective.

I think it is a good idea to give players choice and I would give up whatever ...
It is not subjective, it is a integral part of design process. When you're doing social F2P, mostly browser-based game for casual players you're doing completly different game than making the same idea into a AAA aRPG title for PC/MAC. It's about choosing options more suitable to one model than to other. And that's one of the reasons why PS version of Diablo III sucks badly - because Blizzard was creating PS3/PS4 version simultanously and made many decisions that made the game much more suitable for console than for PC. It would be similar situation here.

And you seem to forgot that it would take studio time and money to create something which game currently clearly isn't. And the game is free. So either they're stupid and waste time and money to make a offline version for free that may possible reduce their income, or release crippled, crap version of the game in paid model.

Making an offline version of online based F2P game really doesn't make any sense. And we're in XXI century for a quite long time. Good internet connection is becoming standard and it is not really expensive so I don't see big deal with that. D3 also require 24/7 internet connection for single player mode and you have to pay for it.

Offline version wouldn't be good neither for developers nor for players.

Aicus Publish time 2013-4-25 00:39:50

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Origami replied at 2013-4-24 23:14 static/image/common/back.gif
It is not subjective, it is a integral part of design process. When you're doing social F2P, mostly ...
Please refer Shadow Era, it is free, it is a browser game, it is for casual players, it's not an AAA game, it has a choice for players to either play online or offline and most importantly, I continuously throwing my money at it and ordering physical product from the company. So far, I have spent about $60 on it, that's enough money to buy an AAA game. Also, it is created using the same engine as Akaneiro. If a comparison is to be made, Shadow Era is so much more boring ti be played alone because the strategy the AI is using never change.

The only reason that I am not buying Diablo 3 is because of the always online requirement which serves no purpose but as a DRM and to make sure the online auction house is available, which is totally not required to enjoy the game. I played and enjoyed Diablo 2 immensely but I played mostly alone in offline mode. For many people, the PS3 version of Diablo 3 is actually much more superior because of the ability to go offline and the absence of the online auction house. If always online is so much better, we won't see the Internet got flooded with complains and requests for offline mode for Diablo 3 and SimCity. Lets throw Assassin's Creed and Anno 2070 in to consideration as well since they need to be always online as well and we can see that none of the games that required an always on connection really enhance the gaming experience.

Yes it takes time but think about it, if people can play offline, people can play your game more often and as a result, people may be more prone to spend money on a game they genuinely enjoy. The game as of now some time makes me quit out of frustration when I died due to lag, and when a game makes me quit out of frustration, I don't pay for it and uninstall it after a while.  Consider the offline mode as an investment to make the game more accessible and appeal to more people.

Being in the 21 century does not automatically means people have access to great Internet. According to this site,, only 34% of the world have access to Internet and those that have access to it is not guaranteed to have good Internet connection. You should know that even the government of US does not guarantee every citizens have access to good Internet especially when we refer to the case of Adam "Always Online" Orth that lose his job after the outburst on the Twitter. I am sure you would be very surprise how much people are paying for just to access the Internet especially when the country I live in only has like 30% Internet penetration rate.

Lastly, always online is never required to enjoy a game, it just add another factor and another possibility that may ruin the gaming experience for potential paying customers. The original Torchlight, which is a very similar game to Akaneiro and is also developed on a tight budget, is strictly an single player game only and it sold enough copies to put Runic on the map and warrant a sequel to the game.

Edit: Maybe we can add the upcoming Space Hulk game and Magic: The Gathering - Duels of The Planewalkers 2013 to the list of game offering online and offline play as well but Magic: The Gathering is kind of an AAA game.

Ryustaris Publish time 2013-4-25 12:38:58

Boy you like to write a lot, but.. remember, altough you write endless texts, its just your OPINION, and we post OUR OPINIONS, guess what? They both got the same value.. or shitless value.

So if you are posting something you came up with, and somebody just say "i dont agree" dont bitchreply trying to change my mind or saying another thing, i just dont agree with something you said, thats it. Im not interested on reading 459807435983 lines of bla bla bla.. just an advice.

When sharing ones idea, be OPEN MINDED and remember, not all your ideas are gold, and perhaps you will came up with someone that will not think as you.
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