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5 disciplines, 5 elements, 5 attributes.

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Prowess (猛)
Associated element: Fire
Abilities style and type: Large area attack with big damage, damage increase buff, fire element attacks with big damage and short damage over time, fast multi-hit attacks
Description: Destroy enemies with raw, brute force with little regards of defence. Like an unstoppable wildfire that leaves nothing but ashes behind, nothing can withstand the brute force of a hunter that masters the Prowess discipline.

Associated element: Earth
Abilities style and type: Stun, knock down, knock back, damage reduction and protection buff, HP increase buff, HP regeneration buff.
Description: Unmovable and impenetrable like the montain. A hunter that masters the Fortitude disciipline can withtand the attacks of hordes of monsters and defeat them using powerful attacks that stun and knock the enemies of their foot.

Associated element: Water
Abilities style and type: 1 hit 1 kill style single target high damage attack, critical chance and critical damage buff, ice element attacks, cripple debuff reducing movement speed, damage avoidance
Description: Like how the gentle flow of water able to erode the rocks in it and shape the land it passes, hunter of the Cunning discipline focused on taking out foes using the least effort possible by attacking vital points and tendons, effectively killing and disable a foe. The hunters too are capable of avoiding attacks just with the slightest movement that are so small that an attack seems to hit them but do no damage at all.  

Associated element: Metal
Abilities style and type: mobile single hit attacking abilities, multi target penetrating projectile, movement and attack speed buff, attack speed reduction debuff, lightning element attack, defense penetrating attack
Description: Hunter of the Swiftness Discipline possessed unmatched speed in both attacks and movements. A hunter can move at such high speed that he seems to be at multiple different place at the same time. Their attacks are so fast that what can be seen is just a flash of light. This high speed movement also makes it hard for enemies to land a hit the hunter seems to disappear as an attack about to land and reappear a few feet a way. The combination of both allows the hunter to move himself out of harms way and land attacks on multiple enemies at the same time.

Associated element: Wood
Abilities style and type: low initial damage high damage over time attack abilities, heal and regeneration buff, attack and defense reduction debuff, movement speed reduction debuff, summoning spirits of nature to be allies
Description: A weed and a young plant may seems vulnerable and weak but given enough time, they will grow strong to even weaken and force the biggest boulder to crack. A hunter training in Tranquility discipline defeat enemies by weakening them and destroying them from within while healing himself and allies using nature's recovery energy. Their attacks cause almost no damage at all on the outside but but extremely destructive to the internal of the target. Due to high level of attunement the nature, hunters of Tranquility discipline have the ability to communicate and summon the spirits of nature as allies to protect them.

Just a suggestion of the flavour and focus of the 5 disciplines based on Taoism. As I know, Japanese too share the same concept as Taoism on the 5 elements(metal, fire, water, earth and wood) and balance of the world where the 5 elements support and diminish each other. Since this game is all about restoring the balance, so it should be good to use the 5 elements as disciplines. The character beside the discipline is just something I think can be use to represent the discipline.

PS: Do the devs actually read and take suggestions on this forum seriously? I don't want to waste time to come up with suggestions to improve the game if devs have the "we-know-what's-best-for-you" attitude.  

Origami Publish time 2013-4-24 20:10:38

Devs take everyone seriously, but remember that forum part is more a place to go with idea that you want to discuss with other players and some unpopular threads may get lost unnoticed. If you have something complete, you should always send it via zendesk, the support system:

It's a great thing. The similar requests are grouped and getting a higher priority. And you can be sure that it won't get lost there and will be forwarded to development team.

And personally I would rather see them based on Godai, taken from Buddhism: Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Void. More japanese, and more similar to classical elements. Wood and Metal are not so obvious in terms what they could mean.

I think it will be considered when creation of future classes will begin. :]

Aicus Publish time 2013-4-25 00:44:21

Origami replied at 2013-4-24 20:10 static/image/common/back.gif
Devs take everyone seriously, but remember that forum part is more a place to go with idea that you  ...

I like metal and wood more simply because they are natural elements that can be easily found in the natural world as compare to void.

mannes_99 Publish time 2013-4-25 02:17:07

But metal and wood are more Chinese, and Akaneiro is supposed to be Japanese, then void and wind would fit better in the context, I think.

Origami Publish time 2013-4-25 02:46:00

Yeah, and void would fit for magic/caster type of character that is highly requested by many players, while wind would be great for that gunsliger character idea that afaik is already considered for future according to what American McGee said on VGU broadcast.

Aicus Publish time 2013-4-25 11:31:05

But as I know, Godai does not have any concept of each elements keep others in balance. From what I understand, Godai mainly explains that everything in the universe is the manifestation of the 5 elements.
In Gogyo or Wuxing in Chinese, each element is destructive to anotehr element while beneficial to another, each element in the circle keep another in balance.

THis game while being Japanese, is also about restoring and maintain the balance, which is why I suggest Gogyo to represents each discipline. Wood or Tree is mostly related to groeth, which I think fits perfectly with a discipline that deals with heals and buff but for game purpose, I propose the discipline to have a poison/damage over time attack abilities since some plants do have deadly poison in them and fungi can cause serious illness.

Metal is associated with hardening, lightning is actually perceived as a form of metal energy because of its tendency to strike tall tree (metal splits wood), combine with the speed of lightning, we can have a highly mobile discipline with projectile abilities that penetrate defence and multiple enemies with the shocking effect of lightning.

From what you are saying, it sounds like the devs already have a fixed idea on how the next discipline should feels and handles, that leaves very little room for change and discussion and any discussion that occurs now is just for the purpose of having a discussion.

Origami Publish time 2013-4-25 18:48:53

Well, Cunning despite having two shot abilities definitely is not a ranged class, and soo many people want ranged weapons in game so it's not a bad idea. It proves that they're listening to what the players want. It probably will be the same way with spellcaster, as having one meteor rain is not cool enough.

And I don't know if they hace a fixed idea or not, because new character classes are not going to happen anytime soon anyway, so they're probably only few concepts left on early design phase. But there arrtworks from over a year ago that shows characters with guns. Looks like it was already considered a long time ago and moved to indeterminated future.

And Godai say rather that everything is a combination of the five elements that should be kept in harmony. Characters already have a oportunity to use all skill trees and you can change the proportion of their stats with each level up. So they're definitely about creating a combionation of different "elements". Moreover Godai conception was used by Miyamoto Musashi to explain art of swordsmanship fighting, and the game is denitely about killing demons. And no, Godai do not have rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock type relations between each other but that doesn't mean that they're not about keeping balance.

Moreover, considering that there will be multiplayer, having system that would make one classes clearly better over others is a bad idea. They should be kept equal to each other. Making Fortitude overcome Cunning and Cunning overcome Prowess would be boring and not challenging at all.

And if you decide to ommit that part in multiplayer stating that they can still use skills from other disciplines then the whole idea of circle are becoming some kind of empty talk not reflected in any part of game systems.

In my opinion Godai just would fit much better both in terms of culture theme and reflection in game mechanics.

Aicus Publish time 2013-4-25 22:25:47

Origami replied at 2013-4-25 18:48 static/image/common/back.gif
Well, Cunning despite having two shot abilities definitely is not a ranged class, and soo many peopl ...

I'm not saying that the discipline themselves would overcome each other like the elements do. I'm just saying that the 5 elements benefits and diminishes each other to maintain balance.

While thinking about the Godai and Gogyo, I thought of maybe using the 4 Sacred Beast - Crimson Phoenix, White Tiger, Green Dragon, Black Turtle and the Kirin to represents the 5 discipline instead. The 4 Sacred Beast obviously represents 4 elements and 4 directions and the Kirin could represent the Void/Metal/whatever the devs think the 5th one should be. The 5 beast can also be use as a symbol only to each discipline to make things easier to design.

May work just nice and don't have to worry about if the abilities suits the element represented by each discipline.
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