EliParker28 Publish time 2013-4-30 09:23:57

Questions towards any one with answers.

Can it be comfirmed this game will not be a MMO, or a F2P game?

The reason I'm asking this is because Spicy Horse is moving away from storybased single player games to social games. To me, the social game released sofar from Spicy Horse is not high in quality; it serves to make a quick buck atthe cost of story based single player games. Enough of my rants to Spicy Horse, if this game does become successful,will there be a remake of American McGee’s Alice?

swiftarm Publish time 2013-4-30 09:31:39

I definitely share your concerns about the format of Alice: Otherlands (EA willing it to happen). I don't really see them making it completely different than both of the previous games. Making such a fundamental change for the final game in the series doesn't seem like a logical step. But who knows.

I frankly would be perfectly happy with a simple re-release of AMA. Preferably on Steam.

EliParker28 Publish time 2013-4-30 09:45:40


I have concerns because after Alice Madness Returns, Spicy Horse decided to go the social route for gaming.

I have the re-release on Origins and the Original CD (somewhere in my room) and the combat and the visual didn't age well. For me on the plus side is the re-release of American McGee's Alice can be played with a controller.

Duke Publish time 2013-4-30 20:03:30

Well, AFAIK its considered to develop into the new consoles as well. So its neither a MMO nor a F2P

EliParker28 Publish time 2013-5-3 03:02:57

@Duke - Hopefully you are right, as I can think very pessimistic about Spicy Horse ( and other game makers).

marco_tueres030 Publish time 2013-5-5 02:41:01

Edited by marco_tueres030 at 2013-5-5 02:45

I so wish it isn't F2P or MMO. Alice is a compelling singleplayer narrative game. You can't  make a narrative experience from an MMO. It has to be a singleplayer game. If you want to experience other levels created by players then release modtools/level editor.  

I was thinking if there was an Alice 3 it would be Alice being able to shift through Wonderland and real life. For example the route in real life is blocked so we shift to wonderland to continue etc.

I'd be okay with it if it's a spin-off but a sequel? No.

swiftarm Publish time 2013-5-6 08:48:19

Except that Wonderland isn't a place that she is magically transported to. It's more like a way of her envisioning her own conciousness.

EliParker28 Publish time 2013-5-8 23:43:51

@swiftarm - To me Wonderland is a combination. Wonderland infested her unconsciousness and at times will help her, and at the same time it is real (in the sense that it can be felt).   

swiftarm Publish time 2013-5-9 13:28:39

That could be. The way Marco was saying it sounded more like the Light and Dark world in Link to the Past, that are physically different places that mirror each other in a way where obstacles are different in each world, but the physical spaces correlate with each other.

In AMA, Alice is in bed the whole time, she isn't moving around. She's literally facing her madness, her fears and her worries in a mindscape of her own. It'd be almost like if you were to imagine yourself fighting a dragon in order to face your fear of dark places, except that for Alice, it's a real experience, and every aspect of her mind correlates to a place or character in Wonderland. And since everything we sense is translated into connections in our brain, it is for all purposes real.

In A:MR, Alice is wandering the streets of London, even as we are hacking and slashing our way through Wonderland. It's like a normal person going on a walk, trying to clear their head as they try and remember something. It is stated by the police men at the end of chapter 3 that she was walking around London yelling at ants and other things. So while she might not be entirely lucid while in Wonderland, she is still conscious.

So while, yes, Wonderland is very real to Alice, it does not mirror or reflect London. I take the Londerland that we see at the end of A:MR to be a representation of how Alice finally controls herself both mentally and physically, and is able to simultaneously be in Wonderland while being completely lucid in London.

EliParker28 Publish time 2013-5-9 21:39:48

Edited by EliParker28 at 2013-5-9 21:40

@Swiftarm - I almost forgot that in American Mcgee's Alice she went to "Wonderland" while dazed away from the real world.

I guess I agree with all your points. To me the ending of A:MR shown that Alice can summon Wonderland and now it can final interact with London, but again I can be wrong.
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