wuyuzi Publish time 2013-5-4 21:15:38

suggestion:About the number in battle.

How about make the number Pop out bigger in battle?  I mean the critical numbers.

The jumping number is much more exciting, isn't it?

Ryvian Publish time 2013-5-4 22:40:44

I'd make it an option rather than a new implementation. When you meteor a crowd a of 20 or more it gets really hectic. Too many numbers jumping up and around will cause even more confusion and lag.

Ryustaris Publish time 2013-5-5 05:02:11

Frost Ring is laggy already.. add more stuff to that would kill the process

wuyuzi Publish time 2013-5-16 12:48:08

Oh yeah, agreed, anyway, thank you guys hard working.  Good luck.
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