mmatton Publish time 2013-5-5 00:41:18

Can't start missions - linux beta

I did the tutorial and am now in the town and have npcs there, but when I talk to the bounty master all I can do is unlock mission areas, there's no way to actually launch the mission. I've tried clicking all around the area of the Shigemori River icon and hit every key on my keyboard (although I did not try every shift/ctrl/alt combo :D ) but nothing happens. I've searched around the village itself to see if I could get to it "by foot" as well, I'm not real sure how exactly they're intended to be started.

I'm running the linux beta (0.2.6) and prior to this the game has only had minor glitches that didn't impede me too badly (the launcher liked to seg fault while downloading and the loots in the tutorial had black boxes instead of names).

mmatton Publish time 2013-5-5 00:44:43

Screenshot of the mission selection.

The Drunk Yardkeeper Publish time 2013-5-5 03:00:10

Same here, Debian GNU/Linux
Bugrequiest 4256

fscherrer Publish time 2013-5-5 03:10:24

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Hi there!

  I'm with the same problem here, but I was able to play a couple of missions before.
  I don't know what happened then, I played on Wednesday and now I can't play anymore.
  I just click on the Shigemori River and the screen with the missions and informations simple doesn't show up.
  It's exactly the same as The Drunk Yardkeeper reported in this thread ... 1446&page=1#pid9592
  He also recorded a video showing the problem :)
  Like mmatton, I've also had problems whith the launcher. The download started with 100Kb/s and in less than one minute it droped to about 10Kb/s or less. And I've often experienced "Segmentation fault".
  After the seg faults I couldn't start the launcher again, just got a "Launcher is already running." message dialog. I've even tried to delete those qipc_sharedmemory_SpicyhorseLauncher... and qipc_systemsem_SpicyhorseLauncher... found in /tmp, which worked sometimes... I don't know why, but sometimes even cleaning up my /tmp entirely the launcher kept saying it was already running.
  After hours (more than five) waiting for the download, I decided to try downloading with another torrent client (vuze) using the game.torrent, what worked well (~75Kb/s, but constantly).
  Another thing I can report, is that I changed de "Game directory:" (from the launcher settings) to a non default directory, with the content already there (I've copied it). So, I got a message saying the directory should be empty for the relocation to be done. I cleaned the directory and tried again... so the launcher started to download all over again. (of cource I stoped it, and as the setting was already changed, I've just exited the launcher, copied the content all over again to the new directory and started the launcher, what worked :))
  One more thing. The shell script game_data/lin/Akaneiro is using "uname -p" to get the "arch" to decide between Akaneiro.x86_64 and Akaneiro.x86. I tried reading the uname help and man page and didn't get it clear, but, in my box, "uname -p" returns:    AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 965 Processorwhile "uname -m":    x86_64the uname --help says:    -m, --machine            print the machine hardware name
    -p, --processor          print the processor type or "unknown"but, as I said, I really don't know which one is the "correct" way to get the arch (I've seen "uname -m" on some foruns). And there's also the command "arch", part of coreutils:    scherrer@home ~ $ arch
    x86_64Sorry by my horrible English xD
Thanks, loved the game!

The Drunk Yardkeeper Publish time 2013-5-5 03:42:42

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fscherrer replied at 2013-5-5 03:10 static/image/common/back.gif
Hi there!

  I'm with the same problem here, but I was able to play a couple of missions before.

Yep, i downloaded it with Deluge, but it seems like there must be an other updated torrent file for the game.

Tried to find it, but ... 3a380b156596357dacb has nothing
404 error(

mmatton Publish time 2013-5-5 09:44:42

fscherrer: I used the programs ipcrm and ipcs to remove the shared memory byte it uses.

Not sure if this will help anyone (and the number it's looking for seems likely to change when they update the game code) but if you have those programs this will relaunch the launcher when it crashes (put all on one line):

while true; do ipcrm -m `ipcs -m | grep 0x511101b9 | cut -f 2 -d' '` ; /usr/share/spicyhorse/launcher/launcher ; done

To really close the game you'll have to Ctrl-c it on the command line though.

fscherrer Publish time 2013-5-7 08:47:12

The Drunk Yardkeeper: where is this "Bugrequest 4256"? Is it public? I'd like to track it. Does SpicyWorld have a bug tracker system or something like that?

FlightTribe Publish time 2013-5-7 11:42:05

Hi guys, you can send us bugs with the in game bug reporting button (if it's working in the Linux version) or by going here...

All these issues in this thread ARE being read, don't you worry, but unfortunately, our Linux guy is just finishing off his holidays at the moment and will be back and raring to fix all the problems you find next week  :)

The Drunk Yardkeeper Publish time 2013-5-7 16:01:31

fscherrer replied at 2013-5-7 08:47 static/image/common/back.gif
The Drunk Yardkeeper: where is this "Bugrequest 4256"? Is it public? I'd like to track it. Does Spic ...

Heh, there is nothing to track now.
I've got reply:

Hi there...
We do not currently support debian sid.
but debian 7 will soon be supported.

But, I also have played some missions before the bug appeared, so i bet it is just a synchronization problem, and the engine works fine.

The Drunk Yardkeeper Publish time 2013-5-7 16:17:41

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FlightTribe replied at 2013-5-7 11:42 static/image/common/back.gif
Hi guys, you can send us bugs with the in game bug reporting button (if it's working in the Linux ve ...
Thank you for reply!
The in-game report button  does not work for me.
There is bug-repord i opened, but not sure, if it contains all the needed information:

Is there any guide, which includes the sample to a good bug-report, which can we use to make compilation of this thread, for best cooperation with dev-team?

P.S. Oh, i posted that link, but noticed only now, that you know about it.
I must be closer :D
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