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Spicy Horse working on a new Oz game

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but it's not American McGee's Oz, "This is not, in any way, shape or form, the title from 2004," Spicy Horse Community Manager Kelly Heckman tells Joystiq.  The new Oz game is still in its early stages, and Spicy Horse has yet to decide which genre it will be – strategy, puzzler, platformer, action, FPS – though the studio has a few ideas. The game will be cross-platform between tablets and PC, Mac and Linux, and while Spicy Horse likes the idea of a physical product, it has no concrete plans in that regard.  

Spicy Horse is working on two Kickstarters – one for Alice: Otherlands and one for Oz – but which project actually goes live will depend entirely on EA and how that Alice deal goes down, Heckman says.

"It will be based on the entire Oz series – almost all 14 titles – so expect to see unique things not seen in previous incarnations," Heckman says.

Yesterday on the Facebook page for Alice: Otherlands, one fan suggested that if Spicy Horse couldn't work out the Alice rights with EA, it should develop "that Oz title instead."

Spicy Horse responded, "its already in the works".

Duke Publish time 2013-5-10 05:46:16

Where do they get the people to work on so many projects at the same time oO?

Neutron15 Publish time 2013-5-19 17:57:55

apperantly the game is called OZOMBIE, Ive got an email from SH

Duke Publish time 2013-5-19 21:13:19


... so thats why American favors this one over Alice :D

marco_tueres030 Publish time 2013-5-22 00:01:40

It should win an award for the worst ridiculous title ever yet. Unless they know what they aim for, which is probably cheesyness and acknowledge itself as cheesy and not take itself seriously I'm okay with that. And Also Oz has to be beautiful, not some post-apocalyptic bullshit which is going on forever. Maybe if it wasn't always post-apocalyptic and other areas are beautiful I'm totes okay. And the Wicked Witch Of The West's castle has to be gorgeous, it's not sinister in the books only in the movie.
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