Biggs Publish time 2013-5-16 23:27:46

Less a "bug" and more a "something was forgotten" issue

So I noticed when I logged in today on Kong and went to Gato, there was a sweet little zoom-in animation, which is a nice touch. However, when I moused over items in his shop to buy, I noticed that the popups for what I've currently got equipped don't come up anymore.

With that said, I have no way to compare my items and shop items side by side, unless I get out of the store, check my inventory, memorize my items' stats, and then go back into the store with that knowledge and mouse over Gato's items. Can this be fixed?

That issue aside, you guys do great work...keep it up!

clawz71 Publish time 2013-5-17 06:20:02


Origami Publish time 2013-5-17 06:25:45

You may want to report that issue also directly to support system here:
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