RocK_M Publish time 2013-5-17 00:42:26

"Minor" Minion Bug =P

The new update seems to have confused the minions slightly as they seem to now be able to cast all 3 classes AoE skills regardless of their type - Shockwave, Ring of Frost and Caltrops and on some occasion dbl casts two skills at the same time (I've seen it blow everyone back w/ shockwave while simultaneosly dropping Caltrops.. most amusing xD)

alex_80sa Publish time 2013-5-17 11:57:28

Summoned Allies using three abilities is intended behaviour. We think it makes them more fun! :)

RocK_M Publish time 2013-5-17 15:36:30

Oh goody! :D

Yeah definitely makes them much more interesting to use. Was kinda suprised at start because I was used to using specific classes because their skills were class specific! xD
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