pnarciso Publish time 2013-5-17 06:01:48

[Linux] Akaneiro suffers from tearing.

I'm running the game with Ubuntu 13.04 and I use Nvidia GTX680.

Game suffers from serious tearing issues, and I don't see any vsync options.

Also, graphics settings do not save.

The Drunk Yardkeeper Publish time 2013-5-20 18:48:22

Hi! Are you using Unity?
You can try to run the game in separate Xserver, or an other DE to detect, if tearing still exists. I bet it is Unity-specified problem. I am using xfce4/xfwm4, and did not confirm tearing (Nvidia GT440)

MajkiF Publish time 2013-5-22 16:18:34

Akaneiro is built upon Unity Engine. I have tried recently other game on Linux using Unity too - Verdun. In both cases you need to disable desktop effects. Source engine has no problem with them, but Unity Engine is struggling a lot.
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