Izibaar Publish time 2013-5-18 20:09:47

Suggestion: Way from start to highest level

The new, larger map gave me some orientation problems. So I had the idea of a way that leads from the town to the first level, then to the second, third, ... would help a lot. It would be easier to find the highest level or some in the middle if you can not beat the last.

Another idea is to show the suggested character level for each level on the map overview.

RocK_M Publish time 2013-5-19 14:53:35

There's acually a suggested level for every mission depending on the difficulty

Izibaar Publish time 2013-5-19 19:32:24

But you have to click on every mission to see that suggested level if you do not remember the mission order.

My idea is to show that information on the overview map. As a way from start town to highest mission or as the suggested level.

Biggs Publish time 2013-5-20 00:43:23

If you look at the background of the map, there are sections of the map that are different colours; each colour corresponds to a different area. The Shigomori River (lowest-level) area levels are in the green patch in the center; Jawbone Ravine levels are in the brownish patch on the right side, etc. etc.

FlightTribe Publish time 2013-5-20 12:09:30

The new map does take a little getting used to and remembering what the icons are in which area.  But this is just the first implementation of the map.  Lots of room for future improvement.
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