MajkiF Publish time 2013-5-23 00:54:36

Pause key

Game cannot be paused :)

FlightTribe Publish time 2013-5-23 15:55:36

That's right.
Something to do with it being a server based game, so it will never be pausable.
Also, FYI, we have a bug reporting button in the game, that's the best place to tell us about this stuff.
Although we obviously do go through the forums, using our support website is the best way to get 1 on 1 help if needed.


Izibaar Publish time 2013-5-23 18:56:38

Even a server based game can be paused. Just look at Diablo 3 (singleplayer), for example. Even in multiplayer it could be possible to pause the game. And while you play with your friends it should be no problem.

mannes_99 Publish time 2013-5-24 03:19:00

Come on, pause feature is not that important, yo complete missions within 3 to 10 minutes and then go back to village where it is safe.

MajkiF Publish time 2013-5-24 16:00:02

Yeah, but sometimes someone can call, I need to get up for a moment, etc.
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