MajkiF Publish time 2013-5-24 22:10:01

Light armor benefites bugged?

I have level 3 in light armor skill. I suppose to walk faster. I don't. Today, at one moment, my character after starting mission was moving super fast. After 10 minutes or so, speed went back to normal.

Is everything ok with light armor skill's code?

Origami Publish time 2013-5-25 00:09:35

What you experienced is a served based transfer issue that happen quite rarely. It wasn't your character moving fast, the whole game was speeded up for you.

And as with light armor skill - it works. It's only not a quite visible change. If you're doing speedruns time proves that it's working. Remember that it increases speed with each piece of light armor. With only one the change is almost not noticeable. If you still think that the change is to small you can send suggestion to support system:
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