klinnn1 Publish time 2013-5-25 11:14:13

"You have reached the maximum number of characters"

I wanted to make a new character and when I typed in the username this came up. The only problem is that I only had 4 characters in the name meaning there was no way i reached the maximum limit. Does anyone know what's going on?

Amfitin Publish time 2013-5-27 04:22:38

Because maximum number of characters is 1 (characters, not the symbols).

MajkiF Publish time 2013-5-27 22:10:18

So i can't have to Red Hood girls? I play only with one gal?

mido_raizen11 Publish time 2013-5-27 22:36:19

What?! Maximum number of chars is 3.

Amfitin Publish time 2013-5-27 23:03:08

Try to create new one :D
I can't btw :)

mido_raizen11 Publish time 2013-5-28 00:24:55

Edited by mido_raizen11 at 2013-5-27 13:29

I have 3, but I created them, like 2 months ago.
Its a bug, that's why you can't create another one. Report it via Zendesk.

MajkiF Publish time 2013-5-28 03:48:34

Okay, I have reported that.

FlightTribe Publish time 2013-5-28 09:47:04

This is actually because this is changing and it's sort of "half way through" its change.
The UI isn't showing what it should.

It will be...well... maybe not fixed, but made less confusing, for the time being in the next small patch which should hopefully be this week.

Amfitin Publish time 2013-5-28 16:17:06

So, 1 slot for free and another 2 for karma crystals :D
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