Angelsergiuboy Publish time 2013-5-26 16:56:34

Questions about Violet items

What is the chance to get a Violet item from a monster/boss/chest/etc ?
At what level monster starts droping violet items?
Or violet items have absolutely 0% chance to drop?

Origami Publish time 2013-5-26 17:37:51

Chance is very low.
No detailed info.
No, but the chance is definitely lower than 1%

Angelsergiuboy Publish time 2013-5-26 19:58:59

maybe 0,001% or smt like that
blue drop is somewhere at 0,1%.

Origami Publish time 2013-5-26 20:34:59

Blue drop on overrun in last area is sometimes even about 2-4%. It's possible that violet drop chance also increases with time, but right now it's still extremaly rare.

FlightTribe Publish time 2013-5-27 17:14:06

Yes, it's a rather low chance.
But crafting is almost here.... you'll be able to make your own purples  ;)

MajkiF Publish time 2013-5-28 18:42:46

But crafting is almost here.... you'll be able to make your own purples  ;)

At the price of 4000000000000000000000000000 karma shards :D

FlightTribe Publish time 2013-5-29 13:23:26

Maybe not SO many   ;P

Also you'll be able to choose whether to use Shards or Crystals to craft, and of course there's going to be a difference between what you choose  :P

AielloFA Publish time 2013-6-4 15:43:10

Umm.  If I understood Crafting right, you won't be able to make your own purples.  You'll only be able to upgrade the purples you already have (i.e. NONE, cause there hasn't been a confirmed purple drop since Beta IIRC).  So if you have, say, an Obsidian Brutal I Flame I Nodachi, you could spend Shards or Crystals to eventually make it an Obsidian Brutal III Flame III Nodachi, but you couldn't make it into, say, an Obsidian Thirsty I Brutal I Flame I Nodachi.

If you CAN add properties, on the other hand, then I really need to get to lvl 24 and start farming for basic white items ^_^

FlightTribe Publish time 2013-6-4 16:38:53

Well it's still in progress, but I assume if you find a green that has 2 low level (or maybe even 3 low level) attributes, if you pump them all up to high levels, it should turn purple...... maybe  :)

AielloFA Publish time 2013-6-5 04:55:11

Oh, is that it?  I always assumed that the color of an item was linked solely to how many attributes it had, not the quality of said attributes.
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