AielloFA Publish time 2013-6-4 03:12:06

Build advice, anyone?

I'm hesitating between dual Sickles or a 2h Nodachi character...  Could people tell me which they prefer, why, and some examples of how they've built their 2h or dual-wield characters?

Origami Publish time 2013-6-4 16:45:45

2H weapons have AoE damage, so if you're clever enough you can damage a lots of mobs at one. However, it doesn't work well on characters that have low defence and hp as running into a middle of mob group will most likely end in deatch of your char. For more movement-based, kiting characters, two sickles are better, as they're doing damage much faster than 2H weapons.

In general, 2h weapons are designed to work a little better with groups of monsters, whilst dual wielding works better when you fight one-on-one. The difference is not that big though, so you can just use the one that is better for you at the moment.

AielloFA Publish time 2013-6-4 18:23:24

Thanks for the reply, I ended up choosing Nodachi purely cause I love the look of it ^_^  So what you're saying is that I should stick with a tank-ish build, Fortitude and all that?  Also, what kind of skills go best with a 2h?  I currently only have Chi Mend, and a bunch of Karma Shards saved up for when I decide if I want other skills.

Origami Publish time 2013-6-4 19:53:04

Fortitude is a base, but I used 2H hammer with Cunning for a long time and it was a blast. Currently I switched to 2 sickles, but I still have that hammer, just in case. 2H weapons can be difficult to use with a pure Prowess character as it's some kind of glass cannon type. Both Fortitude and Cunning are doing pretty well with them though.

As of skills I find Swatch of Destruction extremely useful, when there's need to quickly leave mob group in order to survive.

Tzuby Publish time 2013-6-5 00:53:34

Ok ... weapon DOSE not matter unless u like to auto attack and that will not be the case cuz u will die very fast towards the end game cuz of the op mob damage!

So ...
If u auto attack then use the 2hander for the aoe and 2 sicks for bosses

If u run around and fast spells... use any weapon with +# for the stats of the skill that u are using

Karteq Publish time 2013-6-23 22:20:59

Working on my build right now

marrok Publish time 2013-6-24 22:28:05

Once the "one character bug" is fixed, I plan to have 2 characters for each school, so that I can test all skills on their higher levels. The one I started now is a 2H, heavy armor, pure prowess character with Hungry Cleave, Seeing Red and Meteor Rain. No Swath of Destruction, no Chi Mend/Prayer. I am surprised that it works, but it does. Of course, relying on health regen alone means kiting. The most important thing for this character is the base damage of the weapon. Meteor or Hungry Cleave won't be enough for killing enemies at higher difficulties, so I need my sword/axe/maul/whatever. Facing my enemies one at a time is crucial, just like it is for cunning characters. I had high hopes for the stunning effect of the 2H mastery but it seems it doesn't work at all.

AielloFA Publish time 2014-4-30 16:26:42

2h mastery does work, it's saved my butt on more than one occasion.  I've settled on a hybrid Fortitude/Prowess build, and so far it seems to be working fairly well, I'm tanky enough to survive a balled-up mob, and my Nodachi hits them hard enough to kill them fairly quickly.
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