warbirdnut Publish time 2013-6-5 01:26:17

Linux: Character killed, but still got completion Credit.

I recieved credit for completing a level after I had died.  I was playing with an Ally and was killed. As normal, I recieved the prompt to return to the villiage or come back from the dead. While I was sitting at the prompt, I could hear my Ally hacking away at the final monster for the map. So a sat at the prompt for a minute or two. I could hear my Ally taking on the last monster.  About a minute later, I see a new screen saying that the level was completed. Is this normal play, or what I write this one up as a bug? I'm assuming its a bug.

mannes_99 Publish time 2013-6-5 02:25:36

It is probably a bug, just zendesk it...

warbirdnut Publish time 2013-6-5 02:42:12

Will do.....

Origami Publish time 2013-6-5 02:45:44

You forgot that zendesk is not called a zendesk anymore. ;)
Anyway, here it is: http://support.spicyhorse.com/requests/new

FlightTribe Publish time 2013-6-5 15:01:05

It'll always be Zendesk in our hearts  :P
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