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#4445 Akanerio - Linux Client Stuck after Killing Boss

I wrote up the following as a bug. Appearently, you can't take out the boss then finish the other objectives.

#4445 Akanerio - Linux Client Stuck after Killing Boss
I appeared have gotten stuck behind the shield after taking out the Witching Tree in the Hedge Trimming Level. Steps to duplicate the issue.

1. Kill a three of the Jubokko Nests.
2. Locate the Witching tree.
3. Use the Meteor shower to take it out.
4. Leave and kill a few other monsters.
5. Comeback and kill off the monsters that were supposed to be protecting the Witching tree.  (Which weren't present when I was giving it a shower.)

To kill the monsters, I used the meteor shower and basically ran around in a circle. Once the monsters were dead, the shield was still present and there was no way out.  I had to return back to the village via the game menu.

warbirdnut Publish time 2013-6-10 12:05:35

Here is a screen shot. (Which I should have included with the bug).

As you can see the Witching tree is dead, but I'm stuck behind the  shield.
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