warbirdnut Publish time 2013-6-10 12:15:47

Timers and Spirit helpers

I noticed that when you summon a spirit helper the screen says they're only good for 30 minutes. Is the timer actually working? I've gone past 30 minutes with Yosuzume. I'm assuming that the helpers are supposed to disappear at some point.

RocK_M Publish time 2013-6-10 13:14:08

IIRC the pets will disappear once you leave the stage.

I'm not to sure whether the actual buffs continue to be in effect after the 30mins or not though..

warbirdnut Publish time 2013-6-11 07:50:19

I haven't quite figured it out exactly. But I noticed that another run through I did lose the buff. I'm wondering if it is a usage thing or not.
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