DLDeath Publish time 2013-6-26 16:48:04

Can we get a separate bag for crafting items?

Can we get a separate bag for crafting items?  With all the steam food and crafting items I have.  I'm running out of room for the junk items I want to sell for Karma.  Would be nice to have the crafting items seperate or a bank to store items you don't want to lose or use at the moment.

adiane Publish time 2013-6-26 17:05:00

or a possible storage/stash system, that would also be good.

Origami Publish time 2013-6-26 23:25:23

Stash system is in the works, and it has a high priority now. FlightTribe said that it may be ready even in the next week but no promises yet.

Speider Publish time 2013-6-29 09:05:23

how big will the stash be?

_ASURA_ Publish time 2013-6-30 18:20:37

There is a chest arround the training area.. but itsnt ready yet.

FlightTribe Publish time 2013-7-1 15:16:56

Stash will be here around Thursday all going well.
Off the top of my head I think it has 12 slots and you can purchase extra pages of 12..... I think.....

_ASURA_ Publish time 2013-7-1 21:47:52

Well 12 slots are better than no slots!! Ill make room in my pockets.. and cash in my wallet!! loool :)

_ASURA_ Publish time 2013-7-5 01:52:41

Yeah stash are there. But extra pages cost a lot :P

Speider Publish time 2013-7-5 02:33:55

they're  pretty cheap imo

Speider Publish time 2013-7-5 03:01:39

Btw it would've been awesome if you could build build weapons in Akaniero, like finding blueprints on the missions then later craft the weapons with mats in town
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