marrok Publish time 2013-6-27 03:51:00

(Additional) Bugs after update?

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After playing several hours with the new version, I noticed several weird things. Some of them weren't present in the previous version, others are just easier to notice now. I will file bug reports after I took some screenshots. Has anybody else encountered these errors?

1) Where is the Ghostclan Scribe?
When I had to fight him, he just didn't appear. He didn't register on the map, too. When my character stopped, she was hit, but still there was no enemy. Moving the mouse pointer or filling the room with Caltrops didn't help. I had to return to the village. Even after trying it several times, including logout or leaving the game, the scribe was nowhere to be seen. Right now I'm stuck at this point.

2) Changing dual-wield weapons seems to be broken
My prowess char has difficulties when I try to change his weapons. If he was in dual-wield, then the previous weapons are still shown as equipped on the paperdoll, while in the main screen he seems to have no weapons equipped at all. When fighting in this status, he does correct damage, but the animation is kinda broken. In the previous version of the game this worked fine.

3) Crafting materials inventory
Is it intended that all characters share their crafting materials? If yes there should really be some kind of information how many materials are available. Right now character A can use character B's crafting mats, but until you go and try to craft, there is no information which and how many mats you can use.

4) 2H mastery seemingly without effect
There seems to be no stun effect unless its already a property of the weapon. My fort character is now lvl 6, with 2H mastery level 3, and I never noticed a stun. Is the chance so low or is this just unbelievable bad luck?

5) Is there no Pause button?
Or am I just too stupid to find it? Not a pleasant situation when the girlfriend calls while I'm fighting Ushi Oni ... :o

Edit: 2) and 3) proved to be non-reproducable with new chars. They only affect characters which were created before the update.

DLDeath Publish time 2013-6-27 04:33:36

Thief Lord Min is invisible and you can't kill him.  He ends up killing you.  Happened so far in Hard mode.

Izibaar Publish time 2013-6-27 06:26:56

I had an invisible boss, too. Even auto-attack did not work. I do not remember the name or map. But I could kill him by spamming aoe skills.

I found lot of flying chests. And some other bugs. Just too many to remember.

Karteq Publish time 2013-6-27 07:02:27

I'm thinking roll back

Dirichlet Publish time 2013-6-27 10:02:41

Yes I've seen some invisible enemies and floating chests. Not seen a boss that's invisible yet. Usually with the mobs if you run away they reappear once they move.

The Cunning steroid skill is giving much more crit damage than it used to. Thought it was a bug with the legacy rank but it's still like it after upgrading to a new rank. Maybe it's a buff, but if it is it's a pretty crazy one. I'm thinking it's an oversight with all the skills increasing by a factor of 10, since it used to give something like 70-80 crit damage and it's now giving 700-800ish.

Tzuby Publish time 2013-6-27 22:04:56

Chi Mend Level 2 used to give a boost/buff to energy regen over time it used to me 10seconds or so not it is 1 second why?

Dirichlet Publish time 2013-6-28 01:10:19

Tzuby replied at 2013-6-27 22:04 static/image/common/back.gif
Chi Mend Level 2 used to give a boost/buff to energy regen over time it used to me 10seconds or so n ...

Some of the bonus effects on the skills have been moved down to higher ranks. Like the Spy buff had a heal over time on the top rank before the patch, but since then it only has it on the higher ranks, so I needed to buy the new versions to get that back again.

Then again, the current rank of the teleport/dash move says it should have a heal component but it doesn't. I'll have to see if the higher ranks get it back.

Tzuby Publish time 2013-6-28 01:18:01

also not i leveled up 2 times and for each level up i got 240hp or something like that .... after my crazy math


but i only got 3490

Maurice Publish time 2013-6-29 00:07:15

Where is the HOTFIX?
New players can`t get past map 4?
Higher level player can`t enjoy the game because they lost their buffs due to Mastery "bug" when upgrading to level 6?
You won`t have free Testers soon anymore just saying ;P

competentfake Publish time 2013-6-29 06:50:21

Scribe: I went back to the village and re-selected the mission, and the second time through the Scribe was visible.  I have done it a couple of more times since, and didn't get the bug again.

Thief Lord: I found that if you hovered your cursor near your character when the boss seems to be right on top of you, you can find him and kill him, though he doesn't seem to be able to fight back at all, unlike the Scribe.

Something else I noticed was that in the giant wolf (Morduk?) fight, if I ran around the wolf, dodging his extra-telegraphed attacks, sometimes he would just stand there and let me beat on him until I moved.
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