Zweihander Publish time 2013-7-5 10:27:09

Disconnected in middle of level. What to do?

Hello! I'm Zweihander, level 28 ingame as right now. :victory:

I was on hard level mission, 7-3 (Melon Field, 1st misson) And I was doing good 2/3 way, finish off 2nd mini-boss (insane number of monsters! That was fun) then I got disconnected right before going in final boss area. I haven't get popup saying I got disconnect and I was just left there, no new monsters, etc.

I know that happened. And you will not only unable to complete the mission, you also lose all that exp, karma, and materials... (oh I just lost 12K of exp.*whine*) :Q

I just have to do that mission again... I'm fine with that (I'm trying to be fine with that! I'm trying! Ooh-eee. Ooh-ee.):dizzy:

There! Better now.:o

I'm not writing this so I can complaining to testers/dev team. What I like to hear from someone: How I can prevent disconnecting from game in future? (without go for better wifi service, please. I'm just baker.) OR what I can do when that happened? Is there something I can do to able to back to same place, without lose experiences? I have alright wifi, and am Mac user.

_ASURA_ Publish time 2013-7-6 02:38:07

Yeah i know this !! Its sooooooooooooo annoying to work HARD for nothing

Zweihander Publish time 2013-7-6 06:40:47

I know. (nodding)

But any ideas what to do when that happened? ANY way to save your process?

Zweihander Publish time 2013-7-7 05:26:41

Update: I just found out (by hard way) that level 28's a current level cap. :$

I assumed Leve 30's cap since one of AI player's level 30. Eh, is it bit unfair?
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