competentfake Publish time 2013-7-5 15:28:08

Nerf or bugfix?

I see that since the update that the Raging enhancement now goes in 5% increments, which would seem to indicate that the 20% upgrade granted by Raging IV wasn't a bug; the percentages on Raging I, II, and III were.  I am behind this 'change', Raging was broken.
I am given to wonder, however, whether or not Raging wasn't working as intended this whole time, the first three ranks being, as it were, a typo, and I notice that the Thirsty enhancement still operates in 10% increments, yet it's rank IV still says that it grants but a 20% chance to steal health, 4 * 5%.

If both Raging and Thirsty were bugged, why fix one and not the other?  Am I really getting a 30% chance of life leech on my Thirsty (III) Nodachi, or just 15%?  Whether or not it is worth hanging onto it would really depend on how much life is being leeched, wouldn't you say?  Either way, I'd like to know before I spend the resources on upgrading it again.  

_ASURA_ Publish time 2013-7-5 22:52:54

Good question. I want to know too because my dual daggers have leech skills

marrok Publish time 2013-7-5 23:55:52

Edited by marrok at 2013-7-6 02:12

Before the patch, I hoped that the decreased chance to leech on Thirsty IV would be combined with a higher amount of health being leeeched, so I upgraded it till Thirsty V. Bummer. :L

To answer your last question: No, at least till Thirsty V there is no increase in leeched life.

I assume that the 10% increase could be a typo, or at least was accidentally not changed in the patch. Surely it should have the same chance as Raging.

This weekend I'll do some testing with my Fort char. Skin of Stone has changed during the patch. It now gives more Defense from the start, but it increases slower. Also it seems that its duration increases with higher Defense, but I can't verify that yet.

EDIT: Just looked:
Thirsty V: 25% chance to leech -> Thirsty VI: 30% chance to leech

competentfake Publish time 2013-7-6 10:31:03

Well, I guess I'll go ahead and upgrade then.  Heh!

Something else I noticed after the patch:  I'm stunning enemies with my 2-hander, like those damn treants do to me all the damn time.  I'd always kind of assumed that I was stunning enemies before, there just wasn't a graphic for it, but now I kind of doubt it.

competentfake Publish time 2013-7-6 12:19:55

I did some testing with my Lvl 4 Prow character.

Dmg taken by Demon Wolf Runt WITHOUT Skin of Stone (I): 24
Dmg taken by Demon Wolf Runt WITH Skin of Stone (I):       24

I'm also finding some interesting figures on seeing red, I'll post those once I have more data.

marrok Publish time 2013-7-6 14:20:24

I never said Skin of Stone would be less crappy now :)

Lvl 5 Fort char:
Dmg taken by Amano Thrall without SoS: 27
Dmg taken by Amano Thrall with SoS I (+95): 27
Dmg taken by Amano Thrall with SoS II (+155):26

Confirmation of increased duration with higher Defense failed. Perhaps kind of Ping-related issue. Or just wishful thinking.

Yes, 2H mastery has finally been fixed. As well as the treants, their stun duration has been reduced significantly.

_ASURA_ Publish time 2013-7-6 15:54:30

Skin of Stone yup  BUT Chi Mend have now armor increased for few secs :)

competentfake Publish time 2013-7-6 16:59:11

Grrr....  Something else has gone right up my nose in this game.  I got a Nimble pendant, and I hadn't used my felt for anything yet, so I thought I'd jack it up and see if it could possibly be worthwhile.  >.<

Every enchant upgrade (they call it crafting, but it's enchanting) I've done so far has doubled the original enchant (even if I didn't know what that was at the time, ahem).  Nimble goes like this:  2%, 3%, 4%, 5%....
As I said in my 'please make it make sense post below', I can't get excited about 102% running speed.  I can get downright aggravated, however, at these pithy, paltry item affixes.  2% this and 4% that.  Except for the stat boosts, they're a static number for some reason.  

As far as I can see, the best item affix is 'Precision', which you would usually think of as being a '+ to hit' affix, but in this case adds a whole 2% per rank to your chance to crit, which is HUGELY broken, compared to the others.  My Fort character has an insane % to crit.

Also it seems that weapons with a 4% chance to freeze/burn/blast/etc., seem to do so on every hit, although it might just be graphics.

PS: Marrok, I'd be ever so grateful if you'd tell me where you find patch notes for this game, cause it doesn't seem to be on this forum anywhere (though I might not have looked in the right place).  ~Fake

marrok Publish time 2013-7-6 21:22:59

Sorry, Fake, I also have no patch notes, just my personal observations. For the 2H mastery I filed a bug report one week ago, so I was curious to see it fixed. The treants' nerf is quite obvious, they were nasty before the patch. I think about a fansite for this game, so I try to collect as much data about skill effects, duration, energy cost, char attributes etc. as I can. And of course, the more data you already have, the more obvious changes after a patch are. Since the game is still pre-release, we'll see more boosts and nerfs in the future ...

The paltry effects of lvl1 affixes can hardly be doubted but we should keep in mind that almost all effects in the game stack. While the effect of one lvl 1 Nimble would be ridiculous if it could be noticed at all, two lvl 10 Nimble (Ring and Amulet) and Light Armor mastery will make a difference and give quite an advantage, especially with the fast rate of health and energy regen in this game. If the affixes would be boosted, the devs probably would have to introduce stacking rules which can be really frustrating to deal with.

The effect of freeze/burn/blast/etc. is just a graphical one. Freeze for example slows the enemy and this effect has its own graphics (blue vortex under the feet of the enemy). You won't see that every time you hit an enemy with a freeze weapon.

I miss the colorful trails of the sapphire/emerald/ruby/etc. weapons. They are just grey now :(

_ASURA_ Publish time 2013-7-7 01:53:03

marrok replied at 2013-7-6 14:22 static/image/common/back.gif
Sorry, Fake, I also have no patch notes, just my personal observations. For the 2H mastery I filed a ...

So when we have 8% burn damage thats not "fire damage on every hit" BUT "8% to deal with a burn statut"...

I see..
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