onua Publish time 2013-7-22 15:56:45

Help Me! -90.000 level

Hi guys
Today i started the game -90.000 level. ;P what is the meaning of this? :funk:

Speider Publish time 2013-7-22 18:15:29

i have -28000 on all my chars:(

_ASURA_ Publish time 2013-7-22 18:28:12


marrok Publish time 2013-7-22 19:13:35

- 113.000 for me. The next level-up is going to be a tough one :)

I'll file a bug report. After I completed a mission (5-3 on Hard) I got a lvl-up from lvl 19 to ... lvl 19! No attribute ponts were added though.

Speider Publish time 2013-7-22 19:45:52

at first i was so happy when i saw a new patch was downloading, then the dissapointment came:(

onua Publish time 2013-7-22 20:36:23

Speider replied at 2013-7-22 19:45 static/image/common/back.gif
at first i was so happy when i saw a new patch was downloading, then the dissapointment came

yeppp...me too!

Nitromand Publish time 2013-7-23 00:29:40

-441690 here .., i bet that is going to take some time ;P

warbirdnut Publish time 2013-7-23 08:38:03

Edited by warbirdnut at 2013-7-23 10:43

Well, I'm only -2013. Should I consider myself lucky I guess. :lol

Oh -269,737 on my other character. I guess I'm not that lucky.

FlightTribe Publish time 2013-7-23 11:57:12

Hi, what happened here is that we changed the XP curve a bit and the game got confused.
Let me try and explain :)

For example, if in the past you needed 10,000 xp to get to the next level, but we changed to 20,000, you would see -10,000
So what the game seems to have done is put you into minus figures so that you still need to get the full total in order to achieve 20,000.

I think I explained that ok. :/

Should be fixed now though as to not show minus numbers any more.


marrok Publish time 2013-7-23 13:38:02

Ok, the negative numbers disappeared. It seems that the changed XP will get into effect after next level up since it went from -107500/68000 to 0/68000 for me.

I expected changes to the XP curve, because it was strange that the higher amount of XP needed for higher levels was more than made up by the higher earnings in later missions. This means more grinding, more items and more karma, reducing game difficulty a bit. A drawback is that more XP per level also means that you have to play on higher difficulties earlier and more often, increasing potential fustration due to "lag of death".
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