Speider Publish time 2013-7-26 00:34:39

AI companion dissapear

hello, sometimes my AI companion dissapear in middle of a mission is that a bug or what?

warbirdnut Publish time 2013-7-26 07:03:29

Edited by warbirdnut at 2013-7-26 07:07

There is a possibility that you companion has gotten itself killed.  When you do get them into a fight, its difficult to get them to retreat. You have to move what I consider a relatively large distance to get them to break off. For the most, part they're goners IMHO. I would be interesting to see what the results are if you run off and leave them for a few seconds to see what they're doing when you get back. I haven't used on in a while even on the overrun levels.

Speider Publish time 2013-7-26 08:04:07

yeah she probably died but it shows the AI have full hp
even after the death.

btw have u been experincing lvl lose on your masterys?

FlightTribe Publish time 2013-7-26 13:23:42

There is an issue with some people's masteries losing levels if they go past Lv5.
Let us know at our support website and we'll sort it out for you.


Nitromand Publish time 2013-7-26 17:34:51

28. Companion doesn't update mana/hp bar. (New Bug)
When fighting with a companion, he no longer update his HP bar when taking damage, and doesn't update his mana bar when using abilities. Also, if he dies, the portait stays there. When you return to the village, his portait is somewhat overwritten by the portait you need to click to get a companion. Sometimes this makes you unable to resummon him, unless you reload the game.

copy from my own thread. Might be work checking it out if you run into issues/bugs, as i tend to update it often.

PlNK Publish time 2013-8-26 01:26:24

Nitromand replied at 2013-7-26 17:34 static/image/common/back.gif
28. Companion doesn't update mana/hp bar. (New Bug)
When fighting with a companion, he no longer upd ...

You are right, I hate this bug.

After my spirit companion dies, and I get back to town, I have to restart the game to have a chance of picking a companion again. kind of a drag.   even logging off and on will not work, have to totally restart the client.

FlightTribe Publish time 2013-8-26 14:35:52

AI Companion bug should now be fixxored !!!
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