Zweihander Publish time 2013-8-11 12:43:56

Suggestion about magic

It come to me while playing Akaneiro today. I was thinking that's too bad that in magics, there's pretty easy to pick which best 3 magic for you.

When I was playing Shivering Pines levels- They drop great stuffs! But then there's monsters that can slow you with single hit then mob will catch up with you and dead within seconds.:dizzy: Even I doting ALL armors and ring/necklade with frost resistences (it might well over 40% total) and I still got slowed and hello, mob how you doin--:funk:

Same thing with shock/stun in Bloodroot Cemetery.

Then I wonder if you ever thought why not have magics that offer immunity from said effect for temporary time? Maybe as Fortitude or Cunning skills?

grenio93 Publish time 2013-8-12 15:06:14

To me most of buffs that are in akaneiro need some buff or something personally im never using them since of energy cost being TOO HIGH.

marrok Publish time 2013-8-13 03:42:02

Of the three buffs (Skin of Stone, Seeing Red and Dark Huntsman) I only had Skin of Stone up to maximum level and it was extremely useful, especially in Shivering Pines (on lvl 4/5 then). 50% elemental resistance means damage by ice reduced by 2/3 and almost all of the mobs do ice damage. I also got slowed very often in the Pines but with SoS it hardly bothered me. And when there were too much bogies, Haunting Scream could save the day. Since HS is one of the few skills which has most of its might already at lvl 1, it can also be used by non-Fortitude characters. If there were no lags, the Pines never would have seen me dying ...
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