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Crafting Recipe Mismatch?

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For crafting lv6 Brutal, it required 8x Resin 3xRuby 2xBlastCore
However, BlastCore is said to enhance Blast property instead of Stun.
Should the BlastCore change to StormCore? Thank you.

marrok Publish time 2013-8-20 14:08:33

I think this is correct, because the stun property of the StormCore doesn't refer to the Brutal enchantment but to the Shock enchantment which stuns as well. The difference between Brutal and Shock (duration, chance, resistances) is not clear to me, I'm still looking for it. Any hints would be appreciated ... :)

FlightTribe Publish time 2013-8-20 17:15:42

It's a little squiffy but it's correct.
The first material (resin) is the important one here.  The rest just make it a bit harder to do as you gain levels  :)

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it seems Stun(Brutal) is out of 4 effects that matching the Cores:

It seems Stun(Brutal) is a bit special, since it has been choosen as a special effect attached to a weapon/fighting style (Upgradable passive skill that +Stun %).

The current requirement make BlastCore a little needy. depend on your weapon upgrading strategy. May be changing the higher level Brutal Cores required distributed with BlastCore and Storm Core? eg. lv6 req 2xBlastCore -> req 1xBlastCore 1xStormCore,
lv6+, 4xBlastCore -> 2xBlastCore, 2xStormCore.

I want 2 Blast Brutal Raging Sickles :D

marrok Publish time 2013-8-22 15:56:05

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it seems Stun(Brutal) is out of 4 effects that matching the Cores:
Brutal is not out of the line because other effects need other Cores, Raging for example needs Lava Cores for levels higher than V.

I want 2 Blast Brutal Raging Sickles
In more than 200 hours of playing I never found a Brutal Raging weapon. I can't rule out that it is just bad luck, but I'm quite sure these effects can't be combined. As far as I can tell primary effects (Raging/Thirsty/Brutal for weapons, Fortified/Healthy/Focused for armor, Nimble/Precise/Hyper for jewelry)can only be combined with attribute bonuses and/or elemental enchantments (effects for weapons, different kinds of resistances for armor and jewelry). A Brutal Raging weapon would be impossible, just like a Ruby Sapphire helmet.

Generally, I don't think that the Cores are too scarce, but they are needed in too many recipes. It is a good thing that they prevent you from enhancing a weapon effect to maximum at char level 15 or so, but they make elemental enchantments quite useless since you can hardly upgrade them. After you know that you'll need scarce Blast Cores for upgrading your Brutal weapon to lvl. VI, why waste it for a Plated lvl. II armor?

GorenZigoku Publish time 2013-8-24 04:50:23

I see the pattern now, thank you the answers :)
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