jolt76 Publish time 2013-8-26 07:56:09

Possible Crafting bug.

Not 100% sure if its a bug or bad luck with me not paying attention. But i went to craft with 2 stacks of crafting mats of the same item had  99 flux then about 9 in the other stack i think. went from rageing 1 to 3 fine then i failed 3x in a row then i paided attention again and failed a 4th time it looked like no items or money was being deducted. i closed out the window i had a stack of flux 96 and 2 i stacked them together and reopened the window and was able to continue crafting as normal.
so i dont know if it was just me with bad luck or if this is an actually bug as i dont have anything else to craft that i can test on.

FlightTribe Publish time 2013-8-26 14:35:24

This may have something to do with having 99+ materials, but I thought this was fixed.

Was were you trying to upgrade and what attribute was it?

jolt76 Publish time 2013-8-27 03:33:33

I was trying to upgrade a sickle with raging attribute.

FlightTribe Publish time 2013-8-27 13:26:49

Ok thanks.

We'll investigate and fix !!
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