Neutron15 Publish time 2013-8-29 07:06:07

Alice In Otherland is now a film????

so its now a animated film,  also I would want to see Alice use that epic blade of hers :D

endafresh Publish time 2013-10-2 03:23:46

Animated films are much less prone to piracy.  I applaud the devs for making an actual film instead of forcing us to play through a pseudo-game disguised as an interactive film.
Thank you.  I hope it turns out awesome and worthy of the other great anime-style films.  :)
Perhaps you could have a combo pack with the original Alice, Alice: Madness Returns, and this Otherland film all in a nice combo pack for one price?  Say $50?  Maybe make it a steal at $30 early access but limit to the first 10k people?  :)
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