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Buffs from items don't stack

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I have two items equipped:
  - Flame Necklace, 4% Boost to Resist Flame DoT
  - Flame Ring, 4% Boost to Resist Flame DoT

On the game main screen, there is a little icon next to the character portrait on the upper left corner of the screen. When hovering the mouse cursor over it, it says:
  ResistFlameDoT Reduce chance of Flame Damage from Enemy by 4%.
Expected: 8%

Version is 20130823 17:30 Linux, from Steam

marrok Publish time 2013-9-1 19:13:06

It is a known bug that the icons next to the portrait don't show stacked buffs. What about the char screen? The correct 8 % should be displayed there.

RocK_M Publish time 2013-9-9 08:01:53

IIRC the icons only show which "type" of buffs you have active. Not the actual stack.

ie. if you a level I and II of the same buff it will show two icons for the I and II. If you drop the II for III you will still get two icons but one will display the I still left and the other will swap to III. Putting on 2 or more of the same buffs don't affect the icons.

The bonus % should appear on your character screen.
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